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2018 Resolution: Like More Things I Don’t Like

… a.k.a., explore outside my comfort zone. The older I get, the more I realize there is so much I don’t know—and should.

Lately, I’ve been on a mission to read and watch things I’m totally not interested in, like technology and finances. Yuck.

Why? Because every time I learn something new, the world looks a little different—and I like that.

I've also started adding my least favorite exercises into my workout regime. (For me, that means mostly leg day stuff: squats of any kind or explosive full-body thingamajigs.)

Why? Because, every time I master an exercise I hate, I always like the results I see.

I’m eating foods now that I decided I hated as a child: Brussels sprouts, kale, squash.

Why? Because every healthy food I teach myself to love leaves less room for something I don’t really need. (Hellooooo Justin's dark chocolate peanut butter cups.)

When we automatically write things off as uninteresting, bland, or too difficult, we’re closing off our world a little bit. And over time, you could realize you’ve walled off plenty of things that, if you tried them again, you’d realize aren’t quite so terrible. So give it a shot. Try something outside your comfort zone. You might find a new world unfold before you in a way you’d never thought possible—and you just might like it.

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