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Learning to Live Healthy

I grew up thinking you can eat what you want, whenever you want. My food choices led to a diet rich in meat, dairy, starches and sweets, and exercise was not a way of life.

I began my fight with the chubbies at around the age of 9. Soon after, the extra weight began to bother me. The next 21 years of my life were spent trying to figure out how to get slim and stay slim. I think I tried everything, from not eating all day, to exercise galore. All of these would work for awhile, but the chubbies would soon return.


Not only did I carry extra weight, but I began to have migraines and suffer the effects of an unhealthy diet.

When I was in my early thirties, my husband, Ronnie, was playing in the NBA and he began working with Dr. Douglas Graham, a nutritionist and the author of 80-10-10. Dr. Graham teaches eating a raw vegan diet of predominately fruits and veggies. I was skeptical, but as I watched Ronnie change his eating habits under Dr. Graham’s direction, the positive results I was seeing in him eventually won me over. Ronnie became lean and strong-looking; even his complexion improved. I couldn’t help but join in. It has been 25 years since then, and I have been free from struggling with my weight and migraines. I feel healthy and energetic everyday!

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