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Always have a party healthy plan

I think sometimes we simply give in to overeating and overindulging on the holidays. Don't ever just let yourself "go" -- Your health should not take a two-month hiatus. Here is a plan to hold steady!

At a party? Head straight to the fruit platter and veggie tray - and stay there. Treats at work? Bring something deliciously healthy and eat that. Exercise before you go! Make it a priority! Entertaining? Get creative and host the healthiest party your friends and family have ever seen! (include fresh fruits, veggies, vegan dishes, or whole-grain appetizers.) Healthy food doesn’t have to be boring! Don't leave the house hungry! Fill up on a fresh-fruit smoothie. This will cut your sweet tooth and keep you mentally strong to resist temptations. Allow yourself one small plate of food, and that's it. You will feel like you are having a full plateful, while cutting calories in half! Make a deal with yourself like, “I will only eat fresh fruits and veggies, and when I get home, I can have. . .”

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