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Lifecycle of a Running Shoe

Wondering why you should invest in a quality pair of running shoes? One look at all you’ll use them for over their lifetime—hint: it’s not just running!—and you’ll see why they’re worth every penny. PHASE 1: NEW. You’ve just brought a brand-new pair of shoes, and gosh, they feel amazing! You forgot how new shoes felt! You resolve to keep them feeling and looking like new—and use them only for running. Duration: 3–4 months PHASE 2: NEWEST OLD SHOES. Slowly, you find yourself slipping them on for walking, cross-training, and going to the gym, too. You still LOVE THEM! They are starting to look a bit worse for the wear, though—you toss them in the wash, hoping that new-shoe shine will return. Duration: 3-6 months PHASE 3: NEWEST OLDER SHOES. Now, you’re wearing these babies for hiking and going off-road. These shoes have serious memories of hills, puddles, and supporting you through mucky terrain. You are sad to see their time is ticking. Toss them in the wash so they're ready to trot out some weekend errands. Duration: 6 months PHASE 4: NEWEST OLDEST SHOES. They’ve become the quick slip-on-and-go shoe, carrying you through the day-to-day rigors of life. You give up on trying to keep them clean. Duration: 6 months PHASE 5: OLDEST SHOES. They’re the go-to for mowing the lawn, painting, and other ucky, messy stuff. Duration: Depends on how unforgiving your extracurriculars are

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