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Can you enjoy an unhealthy journey?

Rainbows are exciting to see and fun to eat! My kids love keeping track of their full-spectrum consumption each day. They feel a sense of accomplishment when getting in a food of each color. Even if they only take a bite of that “color,” I make sure to count it toward their daily goal. That way, trying different things becomes rewarding. Here’s a typical day for each of them:

We may not be able to control everything about our lives, but we can make healthy choices. That alone makes you feel better about your journey.

Without a doubt, life is a journey. Whether you are rich or poor, married or single, young or old, healthy or unhealthy . . . life happens. I’m quite sure I have experienced all of these areas. And one thing I’ve noticed is if I feel good about my health and who I am, dealing with life’s unexpected moments is easier.

When I am making unhealthy choices, life seems more challenging. I feel tired, stressed and I actually find myself thinking more selfishly. It begins to take more effort to enjoy my life journey.

When I make healthy choices, for some reason I feel more confident and excited about life, even when a curveball is headed straight for me. I feel rested, more concerned for others, and thankful for what I do have.

At the time, it may seem easier to just grab fast food, skip your work-out, sleep with the TV on, depend on caffeine for energy, and complain about everything.

But tomorrow (and the next day) will be more enjoyable and fulfilling if you eat healthily, make exercise a way of life, get a good night’s sleep, get energized from a healthy lifestyle, and compliment instead of complain.

So, can you enjoy an unhealthy journey? Sure, but I think it takes more work. Being strong in sound, body and mind is very important when dealing with life’s little surprises. Believe me, they will come. The cool thing is, you get to choose what you’ll do : ) What’ll it be?

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