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Benefits of Lifting/Owning Free Weights

1. Mobility: You can put them in any room you're in—they’re not attached to anything!

2. Side Perks: Stabilizer muscles kick in to help you control the weights, meaning you inevitably work

more muscles than just your “targeted” ones.

3.Versatility: Free weights are usable in all different planes, so you can easily do combination exercises. For example . . .

*reverse lunge with biceps curls

*squat with heartbeat press

*walking lunges with shoulder press

*bridge with overhead rows

4. Built-In Growth: They come in all sizes and hefts. As you get stronger, all you need to do is purchase the next size/weight up.

5. Balance: Whatever you make your right arm do—whether that’s a bicep curl or chest press—you’ll make your left arm do the same, promoting muscular balance.

6. Tiny House-Friendly: Lifting doesn’t require a lot of space. At all.

7. Endorphin-Boosting: There's something about pumping iron that makes you feel on top of the world

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