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Same ‘ole routine

Do you know someone who consistently stays at a good weight? They make it look effortless, but is it effortless? Chances are, they developed a routine that worked, and stuck with it.

My husband – a former NBA player – is one of those people who does this. He follows the same routine everyday. Breakfast is a (all fruit) 60-ounce smoothie. Lunch is the same. He will often have a third smoothie in the afternoon. When he gets home in the evening, he has a huge salad loaded with fresh veggies along with whatever vegan entrée we’re having for dinner.

Yes: he does this everyday.

The only occasional changes to his routine might be swapping a smoothie for a glass of fresh-squeezed orange juice, or a having salad for lunch with a business meeting. He’ll also eat seasonal fruits in addition to or in place of smoothies.

I implemented a "no snacks” rule for our kids for Sunday-Thursday nights, which my husband follows as well. What does he like to snack on? His favorite munchies are a bowl of popcorn or corn chips, with a glass of water (That's it!).

The only time he breaks from his routine is when he absolutely has to, because of travel, for example. Vacations, celebrations, or being tired or stressed does not make him break his routine, and that is where most people slip up.

Creating your routine is crucial, but sticking with it is even more important! The healthier the "same ole routine," the better the outcome. Fight for healthy!

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