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Fight the nocturnal munchies

We all know when our weak moments are, so it’s best to have a plan to prepare for them. Arm yourself with an arsenal of healthy distractions.

*Avoid eating while watching TV *Go read a book (away from food) *Go for a walk, get some fresh air *Tell yourself, " I don't have to stick with the plan, I want to!" *Picture yourself at your goal, or in your favorite outfit *Don't eat after a certain time (for example, don’t eat after dinner or after 8 p.m.)

*Don't put on your comfy clothes until you are going to bed. *Brush and floss your teeth *Talk to someone on the phone

*Avoid eating on the run; sit down and eat, savoring your food *Don't eat out of a bag or a package: ever! Set aside one serving for yourself.

*Consume the calories you need during the day. Don’t go home famished. *Make sure you get your sleep. A rested person equals a strong person.

*Find an evening reward for yourself!

*Set aside a favorite healthy snack for the evenings, read in bed, a fun, relaxing hobby, a bath, or (my favorite) just go to bed early!

All the tips in the world can help but, in the end, this will all fall back to self-discipline. Every right choice, no matter how small, will help move you toward your goal. The more you apply discipline, the easier it gets to do so! 

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